Cancer Survivors, Caregivers and Families

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A Quality Life Community (QLC) provides a complete healing and wellness program for cancer patients, caregivers and loved ones. QLC offers a free series of yoga and meditation classes, recovery retreats, as well as the newest insights on proper medical care, alternative care, nutrition and other innovative therapies. QLC is unique in that it is designed to support not just the individual, but is inclusive for the entire family’s self-healing. QLC is also dedicated to teaching yoga and meditation teachers how to teach this powerful work.


As a breast cancer survivor and a mother with young children, Amy Conn began A Quality Life Community with the consideration that a survivor is not just a single person and that entire families and members of the community deserve a process in order to heal from the challenges of cancer. In 2006, A Quality Life Community began this unique healing modality for all those who have been touched by cancer. QLC has assisted over 400 students ranging in age from 4 to 84. QLC began as a free series of yoga and meditation classes and then expanded to Recovery Retreats, including 2009’s Sundance Retreat through in-kind donations. QLC has raised over 25,000 dollars through fundraising


Our vision is to support the American Cancer Society’s declaration of “No More Death or Suffering Due to Cancer by 2015” through focusing on wellness rather than illness issues. We are sustaining the paradigm shift that cancer no longer kills but is now a manageable disease such as we have seen in the evolution of AIDS. Our vision for A Quality Life Community is unique program which assists families in all aspects of recovery and wellness including nutrition, how to advocate, the benefits of hiking, art, music, yoga, breathing exercises and mediation. QLC is our contribution to fulfill this powerful world promise.