Revealing Grace – A Story About a Cancer Adventure and a Community

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The secret of cancer is to not feed it, not give it any recognition beyond what is necessary, and not give it attention. Rather, love the working, healthy parts of the body. Love the parts that are nourishing and life giving. Self-acceptance begins with the self.

Revealing Grace: A Story About a Cancer Adventure and a Community began as a memoir but rapidly expanded to a fantastic adventure of personal, physical and political insights. The scope of survivorship extended far beyond Amy’s own experience broadening to an entire community of survivors including the astounding world promise that cancer death and cancer suffering will end by 2015. What is the recipe for surviving and surpassing cancer? Amy Conn has a few ideas that The American Cancer Society are incorporating, shedding new insights to cancer recovery for self, family, community and the whole world.

Written by cancer survivor and yoga instructor Amy Conn, this wise and compassionate field guide inspires those touched by cancer to live more fully and less fearful during times that appear most challenging. Conn’s is the first book to navigate the whole cancer experience. Revealing Grace offers practical ways to health body, mind and spirit; from evasive radiation and chemotherapy treatments to ways of including loved ones in this profound evolving healing practice. A poignant story that blends a personal cancer awakening with a mission to develop a Non-Profit Organization: Quality of Life Yoga Program designed to support not just the individual, but also the entire family towards self-healing. This book and non-profit organization are Conn’s contribution to fulfilling this powerful world promise.